MaximumMonitorClientCount Configuration Setting


MaximumMonitorClientCount is a configuration setting within JAMSDBA for JAMS Clients and applications that monitor the schedule in JAMS. This setting is related to the MaximumClientCount setting, which has a default value of 100. The default value for the MaximumMonitorClientCount is 800. If the value for MaximumClientCount has been added and its value is higher than MaximumMonitorClientCount, the higher value is used for MaximumMonitorClientCount as well.

Update the MaximumMonitorClientCount setting in the following situations:

  • You have more than 800 JAMS Clients that run simultaneously with the Monitor view open. The 800 limit is also affected by Sequence Jobs that are waiting for submitted Jobs to complete and custom applications that use the JAMS API to subscribe to monitor events.
  • The JAMS log file has a message stating the IMonitor WCF monitor client connections have exceeded 75 percent of the configured limit.

To change the MaximumMonitorClientCount setting:

  1. On the JAMS Scheduler, open C:\Program Files\MVPSI\JAMS\Scheduler.
  2. Right-click JAMSDBA and select Run as administrator.
  3. If this is the first time configuring this option, enter the following command in the command prompt:
    add config MaximumMonitorClientCount 1200 /datatype=Int
  4. If you have previously configured this option, enter the following command in the command prompt:
    set config MaximumMonitorClientCount 1200 /datatype=int
  5. Press Enter.


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