Performing an Unattended Installation of JAMS using MSI Files


Advanced users may choose to perform an unattended JAMS installation by using MSI files. An unattended installation should be done by only advanced users with authority to modify the server. They should also be comfortable troubleshooting service issues if they occur.

Benefits of Unattended Installations

  • An unattended JAMS installation lets you proceed with your responsibilities while the MSI files do the work.
  • Errors are mitigated as the MSI files run in the correct order to successfully complete your installation.


On a clean machine with SQL installed, you can use the simple example script shown below. This script is for a new installation of the JAMS Client and Scheduler and it includes creating a new JAMS Database.

Before you run the script, ensure the machine meets the prerequisites listed in the "System Requirements" section in the JAMS Installation Guide

  1. Open PowerShell in Administrator mode.
  2. Update the example script listed below as needed for your environment.
  3. Run the script.
# Enable MSMQ #
Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -FeatureName MSMQ-Server -Online -All
# # Install JAMS
Install-Package .\SetupClientx64.msi
Install-Package .\SetupSchedulerx64.msi
Set-Location "C:\Program Files\MVPSI\JAMS\Scheduler\"
# Build an answer file #
$answers = @"
<primarydatabasefile>C:\JAMSDatabase\</primarydatabasefile> <sqlinstance>(local)</sqlinstance>
<sqlauthentication>WindowsIntegrated</sqlauthentication> <sqlskipdatabase>False</sqlskipdatabase>
<useexistingdatabase>False</useexistingdatabase> <company></company>
<websitename>Default Web Site</websitename>
$answers > JAMSAnswerFile.xml
Write-Host "Creating database"

Start-Service JAMSExecutor
Start-Service JAMSScheduler

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