Using Cut, Copy, and Paste Functionality in Sequence Jobs


JAMS 7.1 offers the ability to cut, copy, and paste Sequence Tasks within a Sequence Job's Editor, as well as from one Sequence Job to another.


Selecting Tasks and Sequences


1. Within a Sequence Job, select a Task, Sequence or multiple combinations of Tasks and Sequences.


In the example above, the Parallel sequence and the Get Value Tasks have been selected.

Note: A group of tasks or a group of sequences can also be selected as well. Use +CTRL or +SHIFT to multi-select Tasks within the Sequence Editor.

2. After selecting the Tasks to cut or copy, right click to access the Cut/Copy Paste options from the context menu.


3. As a final step, right-click in the desired area of the Sequence Editor to paste the Tasks on your clipboard, and select "Paste".

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