Sending JAMS Notifications to a Microsoft Teams Channel


How to send a JAMS Notification to a Microsoft Teams Channel

Start in Microsoft Teams

  1. Turn on Email integration within your Team settings.
    Note: You must have access to the Microsoft Teams Admin Center to make this change. Contact your organization's Team Administrator or IT Support for additional assistance.
  2. Retrieve the Microsoft teams email address from the Microsoft teams Channel.  RetrieveTeamChannelEmail.png
  3. From the "Get email address" window, select "Copy" to copy the email address. GetEmailAddress.png
  4. Select Close.



Adding the Microsoft Team Email Address to the JAMS Alert

  1. Starting at the "Properties" of the job, select the Schedule tab and choose the event you will use to send the notification email to the Teams' channel. JAMSJobEventHandler.png
  2. From the Event(s) select to trigger Teams notification emails, you will complete the fields within the event window:
    • Status must be enabled.
    • Choose the Events as needed.
    • Complete the E-Mail fields to tailor the notification based upon your organization's needed.
    • The channel email address previously copied from Teams can be pasted within the "To Address" field.
    • Select the "save" icon to save your event window changes.  EventHandlingWindow.png
    • Select the "save" icon to save your modifications to the Schedule.



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