How to Configure the GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer Integration


JAMS 7.1 and GoAnywhere clients can integrate with GoAnywhere to Execute GoAnyWhere Projects. To configure the Integration follow the below steps.


  • JAMS Scheduler 7.1.389 or Higher
  • JAMS Windows Agent - 7.1.389 or Higher (only if the Sequence must execute on an Agent, otherwise it can be executed on the JAMS Scheduler)


1. Download and extract the 3 .json files within

  • GACategories.json
  • GAProperties.json
  • GAElements.json

2. Paste the .json files to the Scheduler Directory located at C:\Program Files\MVPSI\JAMS\Scheduler by default

3. From the Scheduler directory, right click JAMSDBA.exe, and choose "Run as administrator".

4. Run the following commands as an administrator.

Note: You must hit enter after each command is run and prior to running the next command.








4. Restart the JAMS Windows Services.

Create a Sequence Job to Utilize the GoAnyWhere Sequence Task

1. Select "Create a Job" from the JAMS Client Home Shortcut then select "Create a Sequence"


2. The "Add a New JAMS Job Definition" Dialog box will appear.

  • Select the Folder where you would like the Sequence Job saved in the "Folder" Field.
  • Enter a name for the Sequence in the "Name" Field.
  • Verify the Execution Method is set to "Sequence"


3. The Sequence Source Editor will open.

  • Under the GoAnyWhere Category select the "Run Project" Task
  • Drag the "Run Project" Task out onto the Sequence Editor


4. Enter the following fields in the Properties pane located on the right hand side of the editor.

  • Project - Enter the fully qualified path to the GoAnyWhere Project.
  • User - Select a User from the drop down (that has been previously saved in JAMS) that has Permission to connect and Run the Project in GoAnyWhere.


5. A Parameter must be added to the Sequence to dictate the GoAnywhere Endpoint.

Select the Parameter Tab on the Sequence then the "+" sign. Select "Add a Parameter" from the drop down.


6. The "Add a Parameter" dialog box will appear. Enter information in the following fields:

  • Parameter Name - This must be (case sensitive) GAMFTApi
  • Default Value - Enter in the endpoint for the GoAnyWhere environment.
  • Select "Ok".


Note: Do NOT utilize a trailing forward slash after v1 in the endpoint.


 7. Select the Save Button on the Job Parameter dialog that appears.


8. Ensure an ExecuteAs User and the Agent (if required) are defined on the Properties Tab of the Sequence. The Sequence will execute on any JAMS 7.1.389 Agent or higher.




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