How to Restore Inherited Property Values


I Need to Restore the Inherited Properties that Have Been Deleted

JAMS Version 7.1 users will have the ability to restore the inherited properties in just a few steps.

  1. From the JAMS Welcome screen, select "Edit a Job."WelcomeEditJob.png
  2. Choose the job from the Definitions list.
  3. Within the job "Properties" tab, the "Notify E-Mail" field will be accessible. Inherited email information will be captured within this field:  PropertiesTabNotifyEmailField.png
  4. Modifying the "Notify E-Mail" information can be done by selecting the email address displayed. Selecting the email address will display the email address as well as the "x" used to delete the inherited email address.DeleteInheritedEmail.png
  5. Restoring the inherited e-mail can be done by going to the "Properties" of the job and going to the "Notify E-Mail+ field.  Hovering over the field will cause the previously deleted email address to appear.  Click the refresh arrow icon to restore the inherited email address. RestoreIcon.png
  6. Select "Save" to apply your changes. 



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