7.1 Job Definition and Schedule Enhancements


JAMS Version 7.1 offers the following enhancements to provide a more intuitive experience when creating and editing jobs:

Accessing Jobs

The "Home" screen for JAMS version 7.1 now includes Common Activities.

The JAMS "Home" screen makes viewing, creating or editing jobs more efficient by listing the functions within the "Common Activities" area. JAMSWelcome.png

Updated Icons

Icons are larger and located at the top of the window. 

The larger icons represent the following activities:

  1. Save and Close
  2. Save the Job
  3. Add Active Trigger
  4. Remove
  5. Properties
  6. Audit
  7. Export


"Elements" has been Replaced by "Schedule"

The Schedule tab will provide the schedule as well as handling details of the job. DesktopScheduleTab.png

Streamlined Table Views 

The latest JAMS version has streamlined the tables to display the information with minimal side-to-side scrolling:


Active Triggers Accessible from the Schedule Tab    

When clicking the "Add" button, the following information can be accessed:

  1. Schedule Triggers
  2. Job Dependency
  3. Status
  4. Event Handling
  5. Reporting

The menu will present a list corresponding to the specific option chosen:


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