Agent Timeout Limit


Can I Change the Agent Timeout Limit?

The Agent Timeout Limit default is set to the JAMS recommendation.

Agent Timeout Limit's Relationship to Existing Jobs

While changing the limit may sound like an alternative to waiting for the Job to Timeout on its own, the possible adverse impact to other jobs should be considered, as the timeout is related to the Scheduler Job Status Check Frequency .

What is the Impact of Changing the Agent Timeout Limit?

  • If the limit is too narrow, jobs dependent upon or including the first job may delayed in running or fail to run.
  • Changing the core timeout may require monitoring, continued customization, or intervention to continue the job.

Benefits of the Default Agent Timeout Limit

  • Recovery

    • The default timeout allows jobs sufficient time to recover and continue in the event of network outages or slowdown, instead of failing during slowdowns and outages.

  • Consistency

    • The default timeout permits the jobs to run and allows for status "heartbeat" checks and timeout after 3 failures.
    • Agents respond in-kind and require little to no customization.

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