Job Concurrency and Resource Requirements


What is a Resource Definition?

A Resource Definition specifies an available quantity of resources necessary to successfully run a rob.

A requirement can be set on a job to prevent the job from running unless a designated quantity of a Resource is available. While the job is executing, the quantity specified in the Resource requirement becomes unavailable to other jobs.

In the graphic below, there are three jobs.

  • The first two require two units of the resource.
  • The third requires four units of the resource.


How are Jobs Impacted?

  • The first two can run simultaneously while the third will receive a status of “Waiting for Resources” within the monitor view.
  • The third job will wait for the first two jobs to complete before running.
  • If only one of the first two jobs is running, only three of the resources will be available and will still not be enough to satisfy the third job’s requirement.
  • Likewise, when Job_3 is running, 4 units of the Resource are in use, preventing either Job_1 or Job_2 from running.

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