Logging into Network Devices in V7


JAMS can log into network devices such as NetApp Servers or Cisco Routers and Switches using a modified version of the SSH Execution Method.

To accomplish this, create a new Execution Method for the device in question. Then, create a JAMS Job using the new Execution Method.

How to Create an SSH Execution Method to Log into a Network Device

  1. Open the JAMS Client with Administrator permissions.
  2. Open the Execution Methods Shortcut.Select_Execution_Methods_Shortcut_rev.png
  3. Click on the Add button to add a new Execution Method.Add_ExecutionMethod_rev.png
  4. Name the Execution Method, select Base Method SSHEdit After Adding, and click Ok.Add_ExecutionMethod_Dialog_rev.png
  5. The Properties dialog for the newly created Execution Method appears. Click the Properties tab. Select Routine as the Method Type. Leave Extension blank.Execution_Method_Properties_rev.png
  6. Select the Job Properties tab, and click the Add icon to add a new Job Property.Add_Job_Property_rev.png
  7. From the Add a Property dialog box, expand the Execute section. In the SSH Prompt property field, enter the Regular Expression (regex) that reflects the SSH Prompt of your device. In the example below, we use regex:+[$#] $ to search for characters on a line ending in "$#". Your regex may vary.
  8. Click Ok to add the Job Property, the SSH Prompt regex, to the SSH Execution Method.SSH_Prompt_Regex_Added_Property_rev.png
  9. Save and Close the Execution Method.
  10. Restart the JAMS Client. The next time you Create a Job, you will see the new SSH Execution Method, which you may select to connect to your network device.


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