Logging into Network Devices in V7


JAMS can log into network devices such as NetApp Servers or Cisco Routers and Switches using a modified version of the SSH Execution Method.

To accomplish this, create a new Execution Method for the device in question. Then, create a JAMS Job using the new Execution Method.


How to Create an SSH Execution Method to Log into a Network Device

  1. Open the JAMS Client with Administrator permissions.
  2. Open the Execution Methods Shortcut from the Welcome to JAMS page.Select_Execution_Methods_Shortcut_rev.png
  3. Click on the Add button to add a new Execution Method.Add_ExecutionMethod_rev.png
  4. Name the Execution Method, select Base Method SSHEdit After Adding, and click Ok.Add_ExecutionMethod_Dialog_rev.png
  5. The Properties dialog for the newly created Execution Method appears. Click the Properties tab. Select Routine as the Method Type. Leave Extension blank.Execution_Method_Properties_rev.png
  6. Select the Job Properties tab, and click the Add icon to add a new Job Property.Add_Job_Property_rev.png
  7. From the Add a Property dialog box, scroll to the Execute property. Enter the Regular Expression (regex) that reflects the SSH Prompt of your device. In the example below, we use regex:+[$#] $ to search for characters on a line ending in "$#". Your regex may vary.SSH_Prompt_Regex_rev.png
  8. Click Ok to add the Job Property, the SSH Prompt regex, to the SSH Execution Method.SSH_Prompt_Regex_Added_Property_rev.png
  9. Save and Close the Execution Method.
  10. Restart the JAMS Client. The next time you Create a Job, you will see the new SSH Execution Method, which you may select to connect to your network device.


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