MaximumClientCount Configuration Setting


MaximumClientCount is a Configuration setting within JAMSDBA that controls the number of JAMS Clients the user wants to connect to a JAMS Server service. This setting controls the number of Jobs that run concurrently and wait for other Jobs to complete. If the user does not configure the setting, the default is 100.

How to update the MaximumClientCount value using the Command Prompt:

  1. On the JAMS V7 Server, navigate to the JAMSDBA.exe utility located by default at C:\Program Files\MVPSI\JAMS\Scheduler.
  2. Run JAMSDBA.exe as an Administrator to open Administrator: Command Prompt.
  3. At the JAMSDBA command prompt, type SET CONFIG MaximumClientCount 500 and hit Enter. In the example below, the user set the value to 500 rather than the default, 100.



  1. JAMSDBA searches for the MaximumClientCount Configuration setting. If JAMSDBA does not find the setting, you may add it. At the JAMSDBA command prompt, type ADD CONFIG MaximumClientCount 100 /DATA=INT and hit Enter. The command prompt confirms the Configuration is saved.
  2. Change the MaximumClientCount value at any time using the JAMSDBA command prompt. Type SET CONFIG MaximumClientCount with the value you wish to specify (e.g. 500) and hit Enter.
  3. The command prompt confirms that the Configuration is updated and confirms what you entered for the Configuration settings.

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