What does my Agent State mean?


Agents in JAMS have a number of possible States, which give users valuable information about the Agent's current status.

This article lists out possible Agent States and the corresponding description for each. The Agent States are ordered alphabetically below. Where applicable, JAMS Agent versions are listed in the Description column.

Agent State Description
Connected A JAMS V6.X Agent that is currently a running Jobs.
Connected_* A JAMS V6.X Agent where Jobs are running, or a new connection is being made.
Connecting A connection was initiated, and JAMS is waiting for connection to the Agent.
Disconnected May be the result of:
  • An incoming Agent that is not connected
  • An AgentX Job completed, and nothing else is running on the Agent
Disconnecting The Agent has been disabled, but is waiting for jobs to finish before it fully disconnects.
Dropped The Agent dropped connection unexpectedly.
Failed May be the result of:
  • An error making the connection (often due to a bad address or port)
  • An error setting up connection security (except authentication)
  • The Hello exchange failed
  • AgentX start failed
Idle An Agent where the last connect succeeded, but the Agent is not running any Jobs.
Initializing The Executor is currently setting up the Agent.
Misconfigured The Agent address and port connect to a non-Agent service.
None Agent States are not supported by the given Agent's type.
Offline The Agent is disabled.
Online A connected V7.X Agent. Connected V7 Agents may show as Online with or without running Jobs, depending on the Connect On Demand property for the Agent. If the property is enabled, the status is Online only when a Job is running on the Outgoing Agent.
Throttled Too many connection attempts are pending
NOTE: JAMS allows a maximum of 10 concurrent connection attempts. For example, if JAMS needs to connect to 1,000 Agents, it will do so with 10 connection attempts running concurrently, automatically working its way down the list as Agents move from Connecting to Connected.
Timeout The connection to the Agent did not complete before timeout.
Unauthenticated The attempt to establish connection security failed.
Unknown The JAMS Scheduler is not available.
Unreachable The Agent address does not resolve.
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