How to run a JAMS job in Interactive Mode


It may be necessary to run a job in an interactive mode which would allow the job to display an interactive window.

It is possible to configure JAMS in order to run a job interactively. To do so, perform the following steps:

  1. Create an interactive execution method using the appropriate method as a base method. Example: If you're using a Windows job, use the Command Method as a base, if you're using a Powershell script, then use Powershell as the base method.
  2. Click on Execution Methods, click on the Plus sign in the Execution Method screen.2018-06-19_1552.png
  3. Fill out the form to create the new method, and use either Command or Powershell as your base method depending on the job type.
  4. Name the new method something like InteractiveCommand or InteractivePowershell.
  5. After the method has been created open the properties of the new method, and select the Properties tab and look for the Interactive option and check the box to indicate True.2018-06-19_1552_001.png
  6. Associate your job with the new method. Open the job's properties, click on the properties tab and use the drop down menu at the top of the job window to select the new method.2018-06-19_1553.png
  7. Starting with Windows Server 2008, the Interactive Detection Services Detection Service must be started in order to display the interactive window. Microsoft doesn't allow this to be started without editing the registry, and an error of "Incorrect Function" when attempting to start the service.
  8. To edit the registry settings perform the following steps in the following Microsoft article:

Once that step is complete, the job will run and the interactive detection service will display a message indicating an application is attempting to show a window.


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