What TCP/IP ports are used by JAMS V7.X?


JAMS uses the following TCP/IP ports for both Outgoing and Incoming connections.

77 - JAMSAgent.exe - The JAMS Agent listens on port 77 for requests from other machines running JAMS. These are requests to execute a job.

773 - JAMSServer.exe - The JAMS Server listens on port 773 for connection requests from JAMS Clients, this includes Desktop client, Powershell Command Line Interface, .NET Application connections.

4773 - JAMSScheduler.exe - The JAMS Scheduler listens on port 4773 for connections from the Failover JAMS Scheduler. This is configured in the Failover.config file.

1433 - JAMS communicates on the port specified within the connection string in the common.config file in C:\program files\mvpsi\JAMS\Scheduler directory by default. If no port is specified, the default SQL port of 1433 is used.


The JAMS web interface uses port 80 by default for HTTP and 443 for HTTPS.


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