What TCP/IP ports are used by JAMS V7.X?


JAMS uses the following TCP/IP ports for both Outgoing and Incoming connections.

77 - JAMSAgent.exe - The JAMS Agent listens on port 77 for requests from other machines running JAMS. These are requests to execute a job.

80 - JAMS Web Client - The JAMS Web Client uses port 80 by default for HTTP.

443 - JAMS Web Client - The JAMS Web Client uses port 443 by default for HTTPS.

773 - JAMSServer.exe - The JAMS Server listens on port 773 for connection requests from JAMS Clients, this includes Desktop client, Powershell Command Line Interface, .NET Application connections.
NOTE: When running Sequence or Workflow Jobs on a Windows Agent, Port 773 needs to be open on both the Scheduler Server and the Agent Server.

4773 - JAMSScheduler.exe - The JAMS Scheduler listens on port 4773 for connections from the Failover JAMS Scheduler. This is configured in the Failover.config file.

1433 - JAMS communicates on the port specified within the connection string in the common.config file in C:\program files\mvpsi\JAMS\Scheduler directory by default. If no port is specified, the default SQL port of 1433 is used. 

1801 - MSMQ - MSMQ uses port 1801 for inbound and outbound messages between JAMS Schedulers in Failover configurations.


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