Promoting Jobs from One Environment to Another


JAMS Jobs can be deployed or promoted to other JAMS Schedulers in the same manner that users can copy Jobs to another Folder.

First, the additional schedulers must be defined in the GUI interface.  In the top right corner of the JAMS GUI, click the "? "icon then select Servers. Click the Add Server icon.


Type in the Server name, and then click OK. An additional authentication method can be selected for the additional schedulers.


When promoting a job, select the jobs to promote in the folder view, right click and select      Copy To. Select the JAMS Scheduler from the list to copy to, and specify the destination folder. Then click OK.
NOTE: Jobs cannot be copied from JAMS V6.X to JAMS V7.X, nor from JAMS V7.X to JAMS V6.X


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    Matt Cresswell

    Will this transfer job dependencies too? Variables etc?

  • Avatar
    Gennaro Piccolo

    Hello Matt, this will only transfer the highlighted items, it does not take into account dependencies. Separate objects can be copied such as triggers and variables in the same manner as jobs.

    Any dependencies will have to be copied over first, and exist in the folder where they are specified in the depends on job's path. The job with the dependency cannot be copied until its dependent job exists.

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    Greg Widdicombe

    Hi - will the elements of the job also be copied from one environment to the next?

  • Avatar
    Dan Fowle

    Hi Greg,
    Elements that are defined on the job, or overridden at the job level will be copied. However, elements that are inherited by the job, without overriding any value, will not be copied with the job.

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    MaryAnn Salas

    Hello, if the "Copy To" is grayed out, what permission needs to be granted?
    Thanks a lot!

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    Gennaro Piccolo

    Hello MaryAnn, CopyTo will be greyed out if you do not have more than one JAMS Scheduler in your server list. The instructions above show you how to add multiple schedulers to the server list that the client can connect to.

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    Todd Hendreks

    If I have jobs in a subfolder, do I first export the parent folder then the child folder when importing into new server? Also the child folder has many variables. Do those get moved with export / import?