Does JAMS Work with IBM Cognos?


JAMS and Cognos

JAMS provides Cognos automation by leveraging the TM1RunTI command line utility. TM1RunTI is available in IBM Cognos version 9.5.1 Hot Fix 14 and newer. With this utility installed, users can run TurboIntegrator processes on a TM1 server.

Run Cognos in JAMS:

  1. Create a new JAMS Job in the desired Folder, with an appropriate Name and Description.
  2. Select the Command execution method from the drop down list.
  3. Click Ok to open the Job Properties. The Source tab will be selected by default.
  4. Paste or enter TM1RunTI command line code into the source of the JAMS Job. It is highly recommended that users test their code on the command line before running it in a JAMS Job.
  5. Set additional Properties and Elements as desired, then Save the Job.

With this compatibility, users can:

  • Run TurboIntegrator processes and configuration files
  • Create, update, and populate cubes with data
  • Create or update a dimension from an imported data source
  • And more

For more information on using the TM1RunTI utility, explore these tools:

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