How to convert a JAMS V6 Database to a V7 Database


As of JAMS 7.0.1277, it is possible to convert your JAMS database from V6 to V7 using the JAMSDBA utility. The installer will perform this process automatically, but the process can be done separately if needed. The conversion can be done using the entire folder structure, or one folder at a time. The V6 database will remain intact and a new V7 database will be created.

  • Look in C:\program files\mvpsi\JAMS\Scheduler (by default) there is an executable called JAMSDBA.
  • Run it as an Administrator
  • At the command prompt type CONVERT

The CONVERT command converts a JAMS database from one major version to another. 

Usage: FromConnectionString TenantName Option(s)

FromConnectionString - Connection string of the source V6.x database
TenantName - The Tenant Name (which must already exist). "Default" is the default tenant used for a fresh install of JAMS V7.


    /Folder - Specify the path of the folder to convert. The default is the root folder
    Value is required.
    /History - Indicates if history should be converted. The default is /NOHISTORY
    /LOG - Specify a file path for the log output of this command
    Value is required.
    /Support - Indicates if supporting tables should be converted. The default is /NOSUPPORT

Convert "Server=(local)\SqlExpress; Application Name=JAMS; Connect Timeout=600; Integrated Security=SSPI; Database=JAMS;" Default /Folder="MyFolderName" /History /Support
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