Public Key Authentication


Often times when authenticating against a Linux server, for security or other reasons, the account only supports public key authentication through SSH. JAMS supports this method through RSA or DSA keys which can easily be loaded or generated.

Storing a User's Credentials

  • In order to utilize this method, create a new Credential Definition for the user in the JAMS interface that corresponds with a user on the Linux node.
  • It is important to note that if planning to automatically deploy a JAMS agent, this user must have root privileges.
  • To get started, click the Credentials Shortcut from the shortcut bar and click the Add button from the Control Bar.

It is ok to enter the Username but leave the Password fields blank.

After filling out the following screens as desired, click Finish and the User will be created.

Generating a Key

  1. Double-click the new user.
  2. Select Key Management.

  3. Click Generate Key.

  4. Choose the preferred algorithm and key size.

The generated key should now appear on the screen

At this point, click Export OpenSSH Key or Export SSH2 Key depending on the format needed for the public key.

Send this file to the Linux system where the JAMS Agent will be deployed, or any Jobs will be run.

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