Using the Task Scheduler Conversion Utility


Scheduled Tasks Shortcut

The Schedule Tasks Shortcut can be used to view information about the Windows Task Scheduler Tasks located on the computer running the JAMS Client, as well as jobs located on other computers.

SQL Agent jobs may also be converted from the SQL Agent Jobs Shortcut. Directions for doing so are provided here.

Displaying Tasks

To view the Tasks installed on the current machine, simply select the Scheduled Tasks Shortcut from the Shortcut Bar. By default, this will display all the Scheduler Tasks currently configured on the local machine. If no tasks are displayed, there may not be any Scheduler Tasks configured on the current machine.

To display the configured Tasks on a remote machine, select the Query button from the Control Bar:

In the Server Name field, enter the UNC path to the remote computer. For example \\ServerName.

Press OK to view the Tasks on the remote machine. If no tasks are displayed, ensure that there are Task Scheduler Tasks present on the remote machine. Also, ensure that the current user account has access to the Tasks on the remote machine.

Task Folders

If user are using Windows Vista or Server 2008, Task Scheduler supports the use of folders to organize Tasks. If the Folder field is left blank in the shortcut Query settings, then all the Tasks from all folders will be displayed. If users would like to limit the results, simply enter the path to the desired folder. Entering a single backslash "\" will display all of the Tasks in the root folder. In the below example, all Tasks within the \Microsoft\Windows\Defrag\ folder will be displayed.

Scheduler Versions

JAMS Supports Windows Task Scheduler on Windows 7 or newer, or SQL 2012 or newer.

Converting Tasks

It is very easy to convert a Task Scheduler Task to a JAMS Job. Simply select a Task from the Task list, right click, and choose the Convert option. Users can also use the Convert button in the Control Bar.

Note: Task conversion requires a connection to a JAMS Scheduler. The free version of the JAMS Client does not support converting Tasks to JAMS Jobs. A licensed JAMS Scheduler is required.

A Conversion Wizard will now begin; this wizard walks though all of the steps required to convert a Task to a JAMS Job. On each step of the wizard, fields will be pre-populated with information from the selected Task Scheduler Task. Users can then change the retrieved information before the new JAMS Job is created.

Note: Not all options for a Task are supported by JAMS. If an option is not supported, then users may receive an error when advancing to the next conversion step. This is done so that users can appropriately change the property of the Job.

It is also possible to convert multiple Tasks at the same time. Just select several Tasks from the Task list and click the Convert button. The first few steps will prompt for information common to all of the Tasks selected for conversion. The Wizard will then attempt to convert all of the selected Tasks to JAMS Jobs.

If a Task property cannot be directly converted to a JAMS Job Property, then a new Wizard screen will be displayed so that the property can be changed accordingly. A Task which cannot be converted automatically can be Canceled individually.

Other Actions

Tasks can also be started, stopped, and deleted from Task Scheduler. Simply select a Task from the Task list and click the appropriate button on the Control Bar.

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