How to Restore Missing Views in JAMS


Users may experience JAMS Views that appear to be missing or closed in their JAMS Client. This can affect JAMS views including:

  • Dashboard View
  • Monitor View
  • Submit View
  • History View
  • Projected Schedule View
  • Menus View
  • Resources View
  • Configuration View
  • Execution Methods View
  • Dates View
  • Times View
  • Queues View
  • Users View
  • Agents View
  • Alerts View
  • Audits View
  • Custom Views


So, why does this happen?

A JAMS View may be missing because the view element was closed in JAMS. Closing a view element removes it from the given view in JAMS. Re-opening the given view or restarting the JAMS Client will not cause the element to re-appear, as the view element has been separated from the view in question.


Resolve this issue:

To resolve this issue, users must re-add the deleted view element. The instructions below detail the process for reinstating the Monitor View. Users should substitute "Monitor" for their missing view element in the following steps.

Restore a Removed View Element

  1. Right-click on the Monitor shortcut in the Navigation Bar
  2. Select Properties from the drop-down list
  3. In the Properties Dialog, click the Add View button
  4. Select the Monitor - Monitor Current Activity view from the Shortcut Dialog, then click Next
  5. The Shortcut View Dialog allows users to set custom view properties. To restore the default view, change no settings and click Finish
  6. The added shortcut view will now be displayed in the Views section of the Shortcut Properties dialog. If the view name is not displayed, repeat steps 3-5. 
  7. Click the OK button to finish.
  8. The added view should now be seen in the given section. The view may only consume a portion of the available space. To expand the view, click and drag the bottom border.
  9. If the view still does not appear, repeat steps 1-8.


Users looking for instructions specific to restoring folder views can find those instructions in the Missing or Closed tab in Folder View article.

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