Editing the History Query for the Job Detail Window


By default, the History tab of the Job Detail Window will show 90 days of history for a given Job. The number of days included in this history query may be modified using the configuration setting HistoryLookbackPeriod.

Before editing this configuration setting, note the following:

  • Changes to the HistoryLookbackPeriod configuration setting will only apply to the server where the setting was changed. All users accessing that server will experience the configuration change.
  • Changes to the HistoryLookbackPeriod configuration setting will apply to the Job Detail Window for all Jobs on the given server.
  • The default HistoryLookbackPeriod is 90 days, as shown below. If Jobs with many recurrences exist in the environment, a long look-back period may not be ideal.
    E.g. If "Example_Job" recurs every 5 minutes from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM each day, the default look-back period of 90 days would include over 5,000 occurrences of "Example_Job".HistoryLookBack90.png

Change the Date range of history shown in the Job Detail Window

  1. Open the Configuration view by selecting the Configuration shortcut. 
  2. Double-click the HistoryLookbackPeriod configuration setting to open the Configuration Setting Properties dialog.ConfigurationOptions.png
  3. Select the Value tab, then set the days of history that will be queried in the Job Detail Window of every Job using the Value field. The value set here may be higher or lower than the 90 day default.
    NOTE: Only integer values may be used.
  4. Save and Close the Configuration Setting Properties dialog, then Refresh the Configuration Settings view to see the change reflected. In the example below, the HistoryLookbackPeriod value was edited to show 7 days of history.
  5. Note that changes to the HistoryLookbackPeriod configuration setting will take effect immediately, and will be seen on the History tab in the Job Detail Window of any Job on the given server, as shown in the example below.
    There is no need to restart the Client or Scheduler.
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