Can JAMS log in to Network Devices?


JAMS can log into network devices (such as NetApp Servers or Cisco Routers and Switches) using a modified version of the SSH Execution Method.

To accomplish this, users need to create a new Execution method for the device in question, then create a JAMS Job using the new Execution Method.

Create an SSH Execution Method for Network Device Connection

  1. Open the JAMS Client with administrative permissions
  2. Open the Execution Methods
  3. Click on the Add button to add a new Execution Method.
  4. Name the Execution Method.
  5. Select SSH as the Base Execution Method
  6. Ensure the Edit after adding box is checked, then click Finish.
  7. The Properties dialog for the newly created Execution Method will now appear
  8. On the Source tab, ensure the Default File Extension is blank
  9. On the Execution tab, set Type to Routine
  10. Enter a Regular Expression (Regex) for the given environment in the Application field. The expression in this image is searching for the characters on a line ending in "$#". This expression MUST be changed to reflect the prompt presented from the given device.
  11. Save and Close the Execution Method. 
  12. Restart the JAMS Client. This will allow users to select the newly created Execution Method in the Job Creation Wizard.

Once the Execution Method has been configured, users can create a JAMS Job with the new Execution Method that connects to the device in question.

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