Creating a Report that lists all used Agent Nodes


The instructions in this article will allow users to create a JAMS Report of all Jobs that reference an Agent.

The Article is divided into sections, outlined below. Use the links to move between sections and the top of the page.


Creating a Custom Report for Jobs that reference Agents


Create a New Report

  1. Open the JAMS Report Designer.
  2. Create a New Report using the Job Definitions Data Source.


Create a new Parameter

  1. Select the Field List Tab and view the existing Parameters. If Agent Node is already present, skip to the Create a Report Filter String section.
  2. Right click on the Parameters section and select Add Parameter.

  3. Set the Name to AgentNode.
  4. Set Description as desired.
  5. Set Type to String.
  6. Set Default Value to "*".
  7. Ensure Show in the parameters panel is checked.
  8. Ensure Supports the collection of standard values is checked.
  9. Under Dynamic values, set Data Source to bindingsource1.
  10. Set Data Adapter to (none).
  11. Leave Data Member blank.
  12. Set Value Member to AgentNode.
    (NOTE: Users may search the drop-down list by opening the drop down list and typing in the name of the Member they are searching for, as seen below.)
  13. Leave Filter String blank.
  14. Select "OK" to finish creating the Parameter.
  15. Select the new Parameter in the Field List section. The Parameter name will appear in the Property Grid, located below the Field List section.
  16. Change the Look-Up Settings from Dynamic List to No Look-Up.

Create a Report Filter String

  1. Open the Report Tasks drop-down from the small square button in the top-left corner.
  2. Open the Filter String Dialog.
  3. Click the (+) button to add a Filter String.
  4. Set the Property to Agent Node using the drop-down menu. (Note: Users may search the drop-down list by opening the drop down list and typing in the name of the Member they are searching for, as seen below.)
  5. Click on the condition type and select Contains from the drop down list.
  6. Click the icon next to the delete button until it displays a question mark. This question mark represents Parameters.
  7. Click on the listed Parameter and select AgentNode from the drop-down list. If AgentNode is not available, the AgentNode Parameter may not have been created correctly.
  8. Click the OK button to finish configuring the Filter String.

Design the Report using the Report Designer Wizard

  1. Select Design in Report Wizard... from the Report Tasks drop-down.
  2. Select Data-bound Report.
  3. Set the columns to display in the Report. For this example, the columns will be AgentNode and JobName.
  4. Leave the Groups blank.
  5. Set the Report Layout settings to Landscape, Tabular, and ensure Adjust the field with so all fields fit onto a page is checked.
  6. Set the Style of the Report.
  7. Set the Report's Title and Finish. The Wizard will automatically populate the report designer with the title and the two informational columns set in previous steps.

Report Preview

  1. Select the Print Preview tab on the top bar.
  2. In the Parameters section, set the Folder Name to "\" to indicate root.
  3. Set Search Sub Folders to Yes.
  4. In the Agent Node Name, type "*" to return Jobs for all Agents, or enter the name of an Agent to return jobs that target that specific Agent Node.
  5. Click Submit, and a preview of the report will appear.

    NOTE: The Report has not yet been saved. 

Save the Report

  1. Return to the Report Designer Tab and select the Save button.
  2. Set the Report Type to Definitions and give the Report a name.
  3. Save the Report in the desired location.
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