Resolve missing items in the GUI display


Users may experience display issues in the JAMS GUI, including:

  • Unable to see scroll bars or missing scroll bars
  • Unable to see buttons or missing buttons, buttons may appear to be gone
  • Unable to see help text or help text missing

So, why does this happen?

This issue occurs when Global Display Settings or Font Size Scaling have been set above 100%. Increasing these display settings can have volatile effects on multiple programs. In JAMS, these settings can cause buttons, text, and other items to fall off the shown GUI window. 

Note that Windows 10 and other operating systems may automatically set display settings above 100%.

Resolve this issue

To resolve this issue, set the font display settings to 100%, then restart the JAMS Client.

Change font size (in Windows 10):

  1. Right click on the desktop and select Display Settings from the dialog.
  2. In the Display Settings dialog, select use the slider bar to set the font size to 100%, then click Apply.
  3. Restart the JAMS Client. 
  4. If the GUI is still not displaying as intented, re-open the Display Settings dialog.
  5. Open the Advanced display settings.
  6. Select Advanced sizing of text and other items.
  7. Select the set a custom scaling level option.
  8. In the dialog that appears, select 100% from the drop-down list. Click Ok and then Apply.
  9. Restart the JAMS Client.

NOTE: To change these settings in other operating systems, additional and varying steps such as restarting the computer may be required. Refer to OS-specific instructions in your operating system user guide or via online help documentation for your operating system. The JAMS Client will always need to be restarted.

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  • Avatar
    Peter Cousins

    Is this only for JAMS 6 or is JAMS 7 also affected. If I set my font size to 100%, I can't read the text in most applications.

  • Avatar
    Gennaro Piccolo

    Hello Peter, this can happen for both JAMS 6 and JAMS 7.