Improving FTP Speeds in PowerShell


Improving Transfer Speeds using PowerShell

Users may increase FTP/FTPS/SFTP transfer speeds with three JAMS cmdlet Parameters added in JAMS 6.4.51. The increases in speed and reliability are most notable for file transfers larger than 1GB. 

The following cmdlet Properties must be added to the given Job's PowerShell Source to see increased speeds:

-BufferSize 60
-QueueLength 8

The Job Source may be similar to the sample below:

Connect-JSFTP server -cred $YourFTPUserName -Name $YourFileServerName 
-UseCompression:$true -BufferSize 60 -QueueLength 8
Receive-JFSItem -Name C:\Common\MyFile.txt -Destination C:\Logs\MyFile.txt

NOTE: Replace "JSFTP" with "JFTP" or "JFTPS" as needed for the given transfer type.

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