Using TFS with JAMS


How does Team Foundation Server work with JAMS?

While JAMS has its own internal source control and audit trail system, some users may be required by their organization to use Team Foundation Servers (TFS) when editing JAMS Jobs.

To use TFS, JAMS objects are exported to XML. That XML is then managed by the TFS. XML items may be checked into or out of TFS, and imported into JAMS when appropriate. 

Integrate JAMS with TFS

To use TFS with JAMS, users can modify the sample code below for their environment.


Establish TFS in the user's PowerShell $profile:

Import-Module JAMS
Set-Alias tf "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 14.0\Common7\IDE\tf.exe" -scope global

Edit a Job:

Set-Location C:\FolderMappedToTFS\JAMS\Jobs\
tf checkout MyJob.xml /noprompt
$jobList = Get-ChildItem MyJob.xml
Set-Location JAMS::localhost\Folder\For\Job
$jobList | Import-JAMSXml

Push edits to the JAMS GUI:

Get-ChildItem JAMS::localhost\Folder\For\Job\MyJob | Export-JAMSXml C:\FolderMappedToTFS\JAMS\Jobs\MyJob.xml
tf checkin /noprompt /comment:"I changed the job" MyJob.xml
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