Resolve Error "Reporting can Only be Specified Once" in SSIS Execution Method


When attempting to add new SSIS templates or define templates within a Job source, users may encounter the following errors: 

"Option 'reporting' can only be specified once."


"The handle is invalid"


So, why does this happen?

JAMS uses a common template for SSIS jobs, found in Basemacros.xml called DTSParsed, which allows users to establish a single standard for the SSIS Execution Method. If a user attempts to enter another method, they may specify the /Reporting attribute twice, or create lines of code not compatible with JAMS.

To resolve the error message, either modify the Job Source or edit the template:

Modify the SSIS Job Source

SSIS code tested on the command line can be used in the source of a JAMS Job with minor alteration, depending on how where the code was built. An example might look something like this:

"\"\Package.Variables{User::AuditDB_ConnectionString}.Value"":"\"Data Source=MyServer;Initial Catalog=SampleDB;Provider=SQLNCLI11.1;Integrated Security=SSPI;Auto Translate=False;\""

To allow JAMS to read the code in an SSIS Job Source, make the following changes: 

  • Remove /Reporting value
  • Delete dtexec
  • Remove escaped quotes. Escaped quotes are: \"

Remove or customize the standardization from the template

  • Open Basemacros.xml, usually located at C:\Program Files\MVPSI\JAMS\Scheduler\BaseMacros.xml (or C:\Program Files\MVPSI\JAMS\Agent\BaseMacros.xml if the job is running on the Agent)
  • Edit the DTSParsed Macro to conform with your preferred SSIS settings.


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