JAMS Agent fails to start on iSeries (System i) Agents


When using iSeries OS version 6.1 with JAMS 6.1 or higher, users may see the JAMSAGENT fail to start.

Starting with iSeries OS 7.1, this will be a warning rather than a fatal error and will allow the JAMSAGENT to start. It is highly recommended that iSeries 7.1 users also review this article. 

So why does this happen?

This occurs because the library JAMSLIB is present in both the system library list (SYSTEM) and the user library list (USER) of the Job.

Resolve the error by removing the duplicate library

  • To resolve the error, remove JAMSLIB from the system library list (SYSTEM), and leave the user library list (USER) intact.

The JAMSAGENT will now start without error.

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