Customize the Dashboard Date Range


How do I see a longer Time Frame inside of the JAMS Dashboard?

Whatever time frame you wish to see, when you complete the steps below, the historical timeframe in the JAMS Dashboard will change every time the Dashboard Paramter is changed.

In the JAMS Dashboard Designer, Create a new JAMS Data Source.

  • On the Source tab, select the New Jams Data Source Button
  • Create a new History type data source and give it a name
  • Click the Or within the past: radio and enter a variable that will define the history range. (Variables bust begin with "$", as seen in the example's "$OffsetTime".)

Add a parameter to the data source

  • Click the Parameters button in the data source tab
  • Add a new parameter in the popup
  • Name the new parameter "YourVariableName"
  • Enter a time value in the value section
  • Enter a description for your new parameter
  • Ensure the data type is set to string
  • Leave all other options to their default values

Your parameter is now added to the parameters list, and will be present when you click on the parameters icon on your dashboard.

Associate data source with elements

  • Select the date range element. The data items associated with the element are tied to a data source. We want to replace these with data items tied to our new data source
  • Take note of all Data Items currently present for the date range element
  • Remove all current data items from the date range element
  • Select the newly created data source, and replace the removed data items
  • Repeat this process for data items of each other element you wish to apply your new date range to.

For each element tied to your new data source:

  • Select the element
  • Select the data tab
  • Enable Cross data source filtering
  • Disable ignore master filters (if available)

Now, when you open your parameters from the dashboard, you can change the time value and submit. The date range for all elements associated with the new data source will change with the parameter. 

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