Automatically Update JD Edwards Processing Options


When JAMS runs a JD Edwards Job, it looks at the Processing Options to see if the ID matches the name of a JAMS Parameter in the Job Definition. If a match is found, JAMS replaces the Value of that Member with the Value of the JAMS Parameter.

If it is unclear what the ID names for the Processing Options are, Submit the JAMS Job using PowerShell and add the -RunDebug switch to the Submit-JAMSEntry cmdlet. That will tell JAMS to leave behind the XML files that are generated by RunUBEXml. From there, look at the <PROCESSING_OPTIONS> and see what the ID of each <MEMBER> is.

It is also possible to get those XML files by running RunUBEXml manually if a user is familiar with doing that.

Here is a portion of an XML file used by RunUBEXml to launch a Job. It shows the Processing Options and Members. It includes the Members that JAMS matches up with Parameters.

    <MEMBER ID="mnPeriodNoGeneralLedge" NAME="Period Number" VALUE="0" />
    <MEMBER ID="szFiscalYear9" NAME="Fiscal Year" VALUE="" />
    <MEMBER ID="cActLevelOfDetailEnd" NAME="Account Level Of Detail " VALUE="7" />
    <MEMBER ID="mnFinancialReportingReverseSign" NAME=" Reverse Sign" VALUE="0" />
    <MEMBER ID="cCalculateYTDNetIncome" NAME="Calculate YTD Net Income" VALUE="1" />
    <MEMBER ID="cPrintHeadings" NAME="Print Headings" VALUE="1" />
    <MEMBER ID="cDateTitleType9" NAME="Date Title Type" VALUE="B" />


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    John Griffith

    Is there an enhancement currently being worked on to allow for the change to the data selection portion of the RUNUBEXML file in a similar fashion as above.

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    Gennaro Piccolo

    John, this is something that we are capable of doing. We are considering it, but do not have any current plans to implement it. We would need to discuss your specific needs further in order to consider implementation. If it is extremely important, I would start off by submitting an enhancement request to support and we can discuss from there.

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    John Griffith

    I would think that this would be fairly valuable to all JDE users. If you want to discuss details, please let me know.

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    Gennaro Piccolo

    John, Please submit a feature request to us and we can go from there.