JAMS Terminology


Job: An individual process that contains a number of defined Properties to ensure it runs at the correct time and under the right set of circumstances. Essentially, every component in JAMS supports or controls how a Job is defined or executed.

Setup: The simplest way to sequence a stream of Jobs. All Setup Jobs contained within a Setup are assigned a Step Number and are run based on the order of that step. If more than one Setup Job is assigned the same Step Number, they are run in parallel.

Parameter: A component of a JAMS Job, Folder or Execution Method. Parameters are similar to a JAMS Variable but remain local to a Job, while Variables are globally defined throughout the JAMS environment.

Variable: A global value that can be used by any JAMS definition to easily pass data between objects. Variables can be used to override default values for Parameters.

Execution Method: Defines how a Job executes within the JAMS environment. JAMS ships with dozens of predefined Execution Methods that run Jobs on Windows, Linux, UNIX, OpenVMS, and REXEC compliant operating systems.

Precheck Job: A Job linked to a parent Job or Setup. When a Precheck Job is Submitted, the parent Job or Setup remain in a Pending state until the Precheck Job completes successfully. JAMS Submits the Precheck Job only when the parent Job or Setup are ready to run.

Dependency: A defined precondition for running Jobs and Setups. Within JAMS, all Dependencies must be fulfilled before a Job or Setup can run. In additions, Notifications can be triggered if a Dependency is not met within a defined timeframe.

Recovery Job: A Job linked to a parent Job or Setup and Submitted only when the parent Job or Setup completes within a defined Severity level. Recovery Jobs are used for a variety of reasons, from resetting data within databases to creating flag files.

Notification Job: A Job linked to a parent Job or Setup and Submitted only when the parent Job or Setup completes within a defined Severity level. Notification Jobs are similar to Recovery Jobs, and are used to quickly pass data through the API or send Notifications to 3rd parties.

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