How to perform FTP transfers using a Workflow Job


A Workflow Job is essentially setup the same way as any other job. Working with FTP Processes depends on the Activity that is used and the operation being performed. 

Create a Workflow Job using a Sequence and drag-and-drop the appropriate FTPSession Activity, be sure to fill out the forms on the right-hand side as shown. Strings are treated as VBExpression and must be wrapped in quotes.


Drop another Sequence inside of the SFTPSession Activity and add related FTP Activities to your main session as shown.


As an example, if files need to be deleted after downloading, add the FileTransferSessionDelete activity, and fill out the appropriate information on the right.


The file mask for RemotePath should match each other in both FileTransferSessionDownload and FileTransferSessionDelete. A Workflow Variable can also be created to reference the files.

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