SMS Text and Voice Calling Alerts


JAMS has the ability to send SMS text and voice call alerts through the SaaS Paladin service. Not only does the Paladin service provide SMS and voice alerts, but it also handles alert escalation and monitors for a variety of other conditions. 

Paladin can be accessed at

Once you have purchased your Paladin license, contact support using [email protected], or by creating a ticket on our support portal, Http://  


A Support Engineer will need to send an invite to the person who will primarily be working with Paladin.  This person will also be responsible for inviting new users within their own organization to Paladin.


Paladin utilizes 'OpenID' log on information. This means that it is not required to maintain a separate account on the Paladin site. 

When logging into Paladin for the first time, Paladin will automatically create a new monitor called "JAMS Monitor" to facilitate JAMS alerts. 

In order to receive alerts, it is important to first access the Configuration --> People menu of Paladin to enter pertinent alert information. 

Once a notification method has been added to the account (e.g. email address or phone number), members can be added to the "JAMS Response Team."

Paladin Monitor is now ready to use in conjunction with JAMS. The Monitor name can be supplied (by default, JAMS Monitor) to the Other field of the Notify Names section of the Properties for Setups or Jobs. By adding the /ask parameter, JAMS will also wait for a response from the Paladin notification. This allows for the restart of a Job, or stop escalation directly from the phone. 

New events can also be generated directly within PowerShell using the Paladin PowerShell Snap-In. 


$ErrorActionPreference = "Stop"
Add-PSSnapIn MVPSI.Paladin -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
New-MonitorEvent -MonitorID "JAMS Monitor" -Severity 1 -Summary "Test from JAMS" -Details "This is your event information."




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