iSeries Job Parameters


Add iSeries Parameters to the JAMS Job Parameters using the following Parameter Names:

    • Current Library
    • The thread is used to locate the program. If no library is specified as the current library for the thread, the QGPL library is used.
    • Initial Library List
    • 500 characters
    • No default
  • JOBD
    • Job Description
    • 10 characters
    • Default is JAMSJOBD
  • JOBQ
    • Job Queue
    • 10 characters
    • Default is JAMSJOBQ
    • Job Queue Library
    • 10 characters
    • No default
  • LIBL
    • Library List
    • 500 characters
    • No default
    • Comma-separated list of libraries
    • All LIBL libraries for the current thread are searched until the first match is found.
  • Options
    • Options cover any other iSeries Command users may need, other than the initial Source code. Users apply an Option to the end of the Submit Command. The Option must be a properly formatted command, e.g. OUTQ(ABC).

NOTE: Define iSeries Parameters by splitting them out as JAMS Job Parameters rather than specifying them within the JAMS Job Source.


Here is a screenshot of these parameters in use: 




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