Using Date Variables inside File Events for Trigger Definitions


Date Variables can be used in the path, for File Events, in a Trigger Definition in JAMS.

Start with the following:
  1. Create a Variable with a Date format value.  The date format by default is set to MM/DD/YY.  You must supply a date as a default value.
  2. Set the variable using whichever method you choose.  Powershell might work best in this case.  For example, use the "Set-JAMSVariable" command-let to set the variable, make sure you use the format above.
  3. When calling the variable, go to the file event trigger and use this example as a guide to the path for the file:
  4. D:\Temp\MyFile_<<MyVariableDate("MMddyy")>>.txt
  5. This will search for a file with the file name MyFile_060713.txt assuming you have your "MyVariableDate" variable definition set to "06/07/13".
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    Dawn Engler

    In order for the Trigger to run properly the user needs set to JAMS on the event tab .

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    Louis Diaz-Delgado

    Hello Dawn,

    Adding on to what you said, the selected user must have access to the path of the file. In your case that user was JAMS.