JAMS and Pega BPM


PEGA can be configured to have various tasks executed using a customized URL that can be invoked by JAMS using PowerShell.

The PEGA URL usually consists of the PEGA base URL, and the PEGA job info toward the end of the URL. The URL will also contain the login and encrypted password to authenticate to the PEGA server.

Please see your PEGA documentation on how to configure this.

When invoking a PEGA URL the following PowerShell cmdlet can be used:



Invoking the URL is shown below:


$pegaURL = Invoke-WebRequest -uri http://pegaurl

Write-Output $pegaURL 

$pegaURL | Get-Member

$pegaResponse = $pegaURL.BaseResponse


The response returned will contain information that can be parsed through to get the content of the response; BaseResponse being the property of the object returned.  

Piping the output to Get-Member will expose the properties of the object. Based on the response value, users can configure a JAMS job to error or succeed using standard PowerShell error handling practices.

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