Configuring JAMS Alerts to Use a Job's Override Name


Within a Setup definition or through the JAMS API an override name can be set on a Job to change how it appears in the Monitor. In versions of JAMS newer than 6.1.268 notification emails will use the override name by default if one was specified. However, if you upgraded from an older version of JAMS V6 you will need to take the following steps to adjust your Alert definitions to get this behavior.

  1.  Navigate to the Alerts view which is located within the Management group of the JAMS Client.
  2.  Open an Alert definition and go to the Details tab.
  3.  In the "Summary Text" and "Detail Text" fields replace any occurrences of <<JAMS.JobName>> with: <<JAMS.Name>>
  4.  Repeat for each Alert definition.

Once this change has been made new notification emails will use a Job's override name if specified and otherwise use the Job name.

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