Monitoring JAMS Job Logs With Splunk


Splunk is a powerful tool used for Big Data analytics. It has the ability to be integrated with JAMS in many ways; one of those ways is by monitoring JAMS logs.

Since JAMS writes its log files to a centralized log location using flat files, it is very easy to integrate JAMS with Splunk. The following examples guides users through utilizing Splunk to monitor for failed jobs in JAMS.

In Splunk, Navigate to Settings > Data inputs > Files & Directories. Select New.

Input your JAMS Default Log Location when prompted for File or Directory (C:\ProgramData\JAMS\Logs\ by default).

Input your JAMS Server information under the Host Field Value.

Review and finish adding your directory. You now have the ability to search and review your completed JAMS Jobs output information.


An example of manipulating this information is to filter out Errors in the Last 24 hours onto a Splunk Dashboard.


Under Dashboards, select Create New Dashboard. Name it JAMS and complete by selecting Create Dashboard.

Now click Add Panel. This will bring up a list of pre-built panels in Splunk. Under New from Report, select Errors in the last 24 hours and then Add to Dashboard. Click Done to finish. 

Now, navigate back to the Splunk homepage. Click Choose a home dashboard. Select JAMS then Save


Splunk will now display any Errors in the last 24 hours.

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