Enabling Logs for File Watch Jobs


When JAMS needs to watch for a file using an Agent, it creates a temporary, hidden Job that it sends to the Agent. By default logging for this is disabled. The common.config can be modified to include the following - though do ensure to point it to a Temp location

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<add key="TempDirectory" value="C:\Temp\"/>
<add key="ErrorEMail" value="Joe@mvpsi.com"/>
<add key="ConnectionString" value="Server=...

Additionally, the JAMSDebugger.exe application can be used to to make Configuration changes, without the JAMS Services needing to be restarted.

From the Options menu-item open the Settings and scroll down FileWatch under the JAMSExecutor Service's category. Change the Setting to Verbose and click OK. This change only lasts until the JAMSExecutor Service is restarted or the setting is changed back to its default setting of "Error". This configuration can be made permanent by editing the JAMSExecutor.exe.config file and modifying it:

<add name="Agent"
value="1" />
<add name="Job"
value="1" />
<add name="Log"
value="1" />
<add name="Port"
value="1" />
<add name="Run"
value="1" />
<add name="Security"
value="Error" />
<add name="WatchExecutor"
value="1" />
<add name="FileWatch"
value="Verbose" />
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