Managing Temp Files in JAMS.TEMP


The temp directory JAMSDSK:[JAMS.TEMP] is where JAMS writes temporary command procedures when a job is submitted to JAMS. There should be fewer files than there are entries in the JAMS current schedule.


During normal operation, JAMS will automatically clean up these files as it removes entries from the current schedule. However, unusual events can lead to orphan files in the temp directory.


If users want to try and track down an unusual event that lead to many of those files, the best thing to do is to look at the creation date of the files. 


It is safe to say that most of these files were created on the same day and if users look back at what happened that day, it may provide and explanation to the problem.


The creation date of the files is also a good tool to use to clean up the extra files. Deleting files in the temp directory can cause a job to fail. If a job's file is deleted, when the job is released by JAMS, it will fail because it cannot find the command procedure. If, for example, users know that they don't have any jobs in the schedule that have been pending for more than 30 days, they could delete all temp files created more than 30 days ago by performing the following:




"-30-" can be adjusted to whatever makes sense for the environment.

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