JAMSAgentX: Configure Direct Logging


By default JAMSAgentX sends log information to the JAMS Executor which then writes directly to the Job’s log file. In the event there is a file system that can be shared by Windows and Linux, it is possible to configure JAMSAgentX to write directly to the Job’s log file. This can be accomplished by adding two Parameters in JAMS to the Job, Folder or Execution Method ensuring they both point to the same location. JAMSDirectXBase – The base path for Linux JAMSDirectWBase – The base path for Windows

When JAMS is starting a Job containing these Parameters JAMS will update first look at the full log file name (including the path) to verify if it matches the DefaultLogLocation within the Configuration section. The full name is then updated to replace the DefaultLogLocation path with the JAMSDirectWBase value and will then convert any back slashes to forward slashes for the appropriate Linux path format. At the start of the process the JAMS Executor writes initial information to the log file and then starts JAMSAgentX and closes the log file. JAMSAgentX then takes control and opens the log file to write log information directly.  Upon completion of the process, the JAMS Executor reopens the log file to write the final log information.








Folder Log Location (Optional)


Job Name


Job’s Log File Name


Final Log File Name


Final Unix/Linux Log Filename


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