Unable to Submit Job


While using the Submit-JAMSEntry cmdlet the following error may be encountered:

Error: Submit-JAMSEntry : Unable to submit job

This can mean that JAMS cannot locate the Job and will need the fully qualified path in JAMS to the location of the Job.

If JAMS cannot locate the Job using the standard name, there may be a copy of the Job with the same name in another Folder.

As an example if the Job is located in Samples and named Process1: Submit-JAMSEntry Samples\Process1

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    Jonathan Brune

    I assumed Submit-JAMSEntry would only look in the current folder. Unfortunately it sent out reports to production email addresses even though I was in the Dev folder.

    How do you tell it to submit the job from the current folder? I tried
    Submit-JAMSEntry -Name ".\MyReport - $MyParam"
    but that did not work.

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    Gennaro Piccolo

    Submit-JAMSEntry -Name accepts the unique name of a job or the qualified path to the job. For example:

    Submit-JAMSEntry -Name \Folder1\JobName is the format that should be used, where Folder1 and JobName is the name of a Folder and Job that you have within Definitions in JAMS.