Email Event not working (IMAP) for a trigger


If users are noticing that an Email Event is not firing after verification of the "MailSelection Criteria" is correct, the following will need to be checked:

  1. Ensure that the JAMS server can reach the IMAP server on the specified port

  2. Unsecured transmission uses port 143, which cannot be used for SSL/TLS in Explicit Mode, the IMAP server MUST be configured to use SSL/TLS over port 143 otherwise we will default to an unsecured channel

  3. Implicit mode may be used on port 993 only for SSL/TLS by default

  4. Make sure that secure connections have the same certificate installed on both the JAMS Scheduler Server and IMAP Server and we must be able to update the certificate revocation list over the internet

  5. For the Selection Criteria .NET Regex syntax can be used: *, ', | can be used to indicate wild card, explicit, and or conditions respectively

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