...No message with that error was found in sys.messages.


This issue is resolved in JAMS V6.5.X and newer. To resolve the issue, users should Upgrade JAMS to the latest release.


If users are unable to upgrade JAMS, read the article below.


Users may encounter a similar error when performing an operation in JAMS. This error states that there is no reference to a message in sys.messages in order to display the error that JAMS is throwing.


When JAMS is originally installed, it runs a SQL query that is found in C:\Program Files\MVPSI\JAMS\Scheduler called JAMS_DB_ERROR.sql.


It's possible that during the install process this query failed, as it normally requires the user installing JAMS to be a SysAdmin to the SQL instance.  This query can be run by a DBA after your installation if this is not possible.

Please see this installation document for more details.

If users need this to be done manually, the user can simply run the SQL query on the same instance that their JAMS DB is on, and that will allow the error to be displayed properly.


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