Alerting Based on Different Events


In JAMS, it is possible to send Alerts to different groups based on Success, Failure, or any other Alert event type.

  • Users must create at least 2 new Alerts.  
  • It is recommended to copy an existing Alert and give it a new name. For example, right click on EntryFailedAlert select 'Copy To' to create a new Alert.

In the Notify Names field of the new Alert, add an email address list separated by commas, or a distribution list address. 

Repeat the above process for the second Alert as well. In the Properties of the Job or Jobs that these alerts will be associated with, look for the Alerts section, and check the boxes next to the 2 Alerts that were just created.

Finally, the other Alerts must be excluded from being sent by this Job. To do so enter the -* (minus and asterisk) into the Notify Names field of the Job.  

The -* will exclude the standard Alerts from being sent by this Job and only the email addresses supplied within the custom Alerts will receive notifications.

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