Running IBM Datastage Jobs in JAMS


IBM Datastage jobs can be run on UNIX and also on Microsoft Windows.

Windows users will want to utilize the dsjob.exe command line utility. dsjob.exe can be called by JAMS and have specific arguments used to run the jobs:

C:\Temp\dsjob.exe -server <<server_name>> -user <<username>> -password <<password>> -run -Jobstatus <<project_job>> <<job_id>> 

The above code is simply referenced in the source of the job, JAMS parameters can be used for these arguments if selected.  Dsjob.exe will return 0 if successful, and throw an error that JAMS will interpret as a failure if the job does not run.

For UNIX, a similar executable is used in a shell script:

dsjob -run -param input_file=/path/to/in_file -param output_file=/path/to/out_file dstage1 job1

Users must specify the location of the input file and the location to an output file. Then the script can be contained in a JAMS job source, and JAMS parameters can be used for the arguments in the command line. Any information reported by dsjob to STDOUT or STDERR will be recorded in the JAMS log file.

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