What Happens When The JAMS Entry Number Rolls Over?


The JAMS Entry number rolls over at 10,000.  Frequently, JAMS Support gets asked, "What happens when the JAMS Entry number rolls over?  Will this cause issues if we are running high volumes of jobs?"

Essentially the entry number is utilized to track the current number of jobs within the schedule. This is why JAMS rolls over when jobs hit 10,000. It is not uncommon for clients to roll over every couple of days, and in some instances roll over daily.

JAMS has a built in feature that will automatically raise the JAMS entry number ceiling if users have more than 10,000 concurrent jobs in the schedule.  

For example, in the event there are 10,500 jobs within the schedule at one point of time, the Entry Number will extend to 20,000 - and so forth.

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