Auditing/Rollback of Jobs in JAMS


Users may encounter a situation where a change has been made to one of their Job definitions, but users are not completely sure what those changes were. Users may need to also revert back to a previous version of their Job definition due to a problem from a recent change. This can all be accomplished within the JAMS Client. In the JAMS Shortcut Menu, click on the Audit Shortcut. Users can perform a Query (button in the Control Bar) for the time range they would like to Audit:


Once users have a list of their Job/Setups/etc, users can then right-click on a Job, for example, and select "Revisions" to view a new window with all of the revisions of that Job definition. Note that the Current Version is listed above the grid with previous revision information.


Users can select any of the previous versions of the Job definition and then compare those two versions by clicking the Compare button. Users will see any differences in Job Properties between the two version highlighted in red. In addition, users can select any of the versions and click the "Revert To" button to revert back to that version of the Job.

AuditTrailCompare.png These Audit features give users quick and easy version controlling of your Jobs built into JAMS, with the ability to roll back to previous versions when needed.

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