Associating a TriggerFileWatchFailed Alert to a JAMS folder


The FileWatchFailed Alert will notify users when a JAMS Trigger has failed due to an exception.  

First, add the FileWatchFailed Alert to the folder in which you want to monitor.  

  • Right click on a Folder -> Properties -> Alerts
  • Check the box that shows the FileWatchFailed Alert to associate the alert with the Folder


  • Next, make sure that the appropriate email address associated with the folder in the Notify Names section of the Folder's properties is defined.


  • Define a Trigger with a File Event. If the Trigger fails due to an exception, users will receive a notification
  • A failure can be simulated by creating a File Event with an Agent specified, and then stopping the Agent service on the remote Agent
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    Ken Larose

    Why aren't failures alerted by default? I can't imagine a situation where a file trigger fails and an alert is not wanted.

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    Gennaro Piccolo

    Hello Ken, if you apply the FileWatchFailedAlert to your entire folder structure and you have triggers that have paths in them that don't exist or that cannot be accessed, you will receive many notifications. We want to give customers a choice and apply the alert to the most important folders and to check the paths so that they are not inundated with failed alert notifications.

    If the alert is not enabled, similar messages will appear in C:\program files\MVPSI\JAMS\Scheduler\JAMSScheduler.log file and can be used to resolve any issues with file watch paths.